Wah Yan International Conference
July 21 - 23, 2017
San Francisco
SF Chapter - Official Chapter
SF Chapter      |
Early Days      |
The Chapter decided to incorporate as a California non-profit organization in 1993 when it was awarded the hosting of the 4th Wah Yan International Conference. Thus it became one of the chapters recognized by the Wah Yan Past Students Association in Hong Kong. Alexis Wong served as the first chapter's president.

From August 5th through August 7th 1994 over one hundred of Wah Yan alumni and family members attended the 4th Wah Yan International Conference at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Burlingame. The theme of the conference: Towards A Global Wah Yan Community. Fr. Coghlan and Fr. Deignan representing both schools, as well as alumni from local and worldwide chapters (New York, Vancouver, Calgary, Sydney, HongKong, Kowloon, Southern California, and Toronto) gathered for the 3-day weekend event. After 23 years, the 15th Wah Yan International Reunion will be hosted by the San Francisco Alumni Chapter again.

The chapter subsequently met regularly approximately once a quarter with a picnic during the summer. Over the span of the following twenty plus years from 1995 through 2017, the chapter's president has been served by Kelly Chang WYHK 72’ ,Stephen Luk WYHK 75’, Edwin Law WYHK 75’, Steve Chan WYK 76’, Patrick Lui WYK 62’, Stan Chow WYHK 81’, Gordon Leung WYK 97’ and Ambrose Leung WYK 02’.

In the early 2000s, there are an influx of young wahyanites pursue their undergraduate educations in the bay area and some of them stayed in the States for good. Today, the chapter has over 250 members on the email list growing day by day, by the Bay.