Wah Yan International Conference
July 21 - 23, 2017
San Francisco
Temporary Blank
Program - Wine Tasting Social Trip in Napa Valley
Monday, July 24, 2017
8:30am: Pick up at Holiday Inn
8:45am: Pick up at USF at Golden Gate Ave. in front of Memorial Gym
9:30am: Arrive at Muir Woods National Monument (to see Giant Redwood, will do a short hike)
10:30am: Leave Muir Woods to go to Napa Valley for lunch
12 noon: Arrive at Ristorante Allegria
1:30pm: Leave restaurant
2:00pm: Arrive at Castello di Amorosa (will stay for 45 min)
3:00pm: Arrive at Culinary Institute of America (will stay for 30 min)
3:30pm: Arrive at Duckhorn (will stay for 30 min)
4:00pm: Arrive at Joseph Phelps (will stay for 30 min)
6:30pm: Back to Holiday Inn
8:00pm: R&G Lounge dinner

Reservation is almost full. Should you have any question, please contact Edwin Law, WYHK ’75, esl66@yahoo.com.